AgentPanda Simplifies The Trip Planning Experience

AgentPanda is a place where you can share ideas with your travel group. You can share accommodation and activities ideas from any website, see their location on a map and in group choose the best. AgentPanda recommends activities. AgentPanda shares the activities he likes the most in every city so you can add them to your trip.

AgentPanda builds your travel itinerary

After you’ve chosen the best ideas, AgentPanda gives you your itinerary so you have all your trip details at hand.

Create beautiful, personalized itineraries

  • Save time by using our easy-to-use itinerary creation tools;
  • Share your insider knowledge with clients by easily adding notes, images, or any type of media;
  • Personalize the itinerary with all your clients’ needs;
  • Provide your clients with a beautiful itinerary that they can access on any device;

Streamline communications with your clients

  • Eliminate the multiple phone calls and back-and-forth emails with your clients;
  • By simply checking a box, your clients can instantly share feedback;
  • Streamline all communications into one simple tool, where all travel details are stored and easily accessible;
  • You and your clients get real-time updates of changes made to the itinerary;

Manage multiple itineraries

  • Manage all the trips you are planning in one place;
  • Keep track of the bookings of each one of the itineraries you are planning;
  • Keep track of your clients’ tastes and personal profiles to create tailored itineraries;
  • Maintain a list of global travel providers (at hand) and contact them easily;

We are currently working with a group of amazing travel specialists on a closed beta tweaking final details.

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