Remember to Clean up Jewelry Professionally

A piece of fascinating jewelry certainly can bring wearers much glamor and attractiveness. Especially if you have some valuable fine jewelry, e.g gold, silver, diamond and natural pearls jewelry, you definitely want to maintain their charming order for as long as possible. You might also plan to pass them to your loved as a treasure. The proper jewelry care and maintenance are the first things you have to deal with caution. Check this ultimate guide of ultrasonic cleaners for jewelry to find your best way of cleaning jewelry.

Jewelry cleaning and care are something important but wearers tend to ignore, especially if you have valuable rare jewelry pieces in the collection. Jewelry is actually easy to get dirty with daily wear and exposed to the contamination in public, or scratch and damage occasionally. The proper care can definitely extend their lifespan for as long as possible.

how to clean jewelry

What is the Proper Way to Clean Jewelry

How to clean jewelry largely depends on what types of jewelry you have. As the materials used to make this jewelry and the chemical structure are so different from type to type, so you must be cautious especially if you use the chemical detergent to clean them up.

Sterling silver is actually easy to get tarnished while they are exposing under the sunshine. To clean up the tarnished sterling silver jewelry, you can try a soft cloth to wipe them gently. If they are dirty, just immerse them in warm water or add some mild soap liquid for the better result. Then leave it for a few minutes until the dirty grimes on the surface are dissolved. Once they are ready, take them out to rinse completely in another clean water tank and then dry them up completely. Just make sure no any residue left on the surface of silver jewelry.

If you have gold jewelry, not sure how to clean them up, you can take them to the professional jewelers for the better care and maintenance. One thing you should bear in mind is you should not wear gold jewelry during the process of any physical work or dramatic activities. All these can tend to damage or lose them in somewhere.

Some specific chemical solution can produce great work on cleaning certain gemstone jewelry, e.g emerald, opals, and pearls etc. Just read the users instruction carefully or ask the seller straight away to make sure if your gemstone jewelry is in their cleaning list. The cleaning rule here is very strict as the wrong chemical might be getting your gemstone worse, even not resumable.

Use Ultrasonic Cleaner to Clean Jewelry

Another cleaning way, ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, is getting popularity in recent years. Following the innovation of ultrasonic cleaner, there are many types of ultrasonic cleaners machine coming up on the market now. They perform the different cleaning function very well, but most of the cleaning principle is actually the same. One of them, ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, is the most used both in the home or in professional jewelry shops. They are powerful and efficient. Ultrasonic cleaning can save users much time and effort.

However, there are still the some of the jewelry not suitable for ultrasonic cleaning. Gemstone, silver, pearls, these types of jewelry are usually very soft on the surface. The powerful ultrasonic sound wave might flush away their sparklingness and damage the surface chemical structure. So, it is recommended that wearers use more hand manual work to clean these soft gemstone jewelry, rather than to use cleaning machine.

To be concluded, your jewelry is absolutely necessary to be cleaned and maintained on the regular base. Wearers have to take time to learn how to clean them up in proper way. The materials used for jewelry are largely the key factor of how to clean them up properly and professionaly. It is worthy of your time and dedication on jewelry cleaning especially if you have valuable jewelry in collection.

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